The French Exchange Program
Students will be given the opportunity to travel to French speaking countries accompanied by teachers for about a week where they will be hosted by French students and their families .While there, the students will attend classes and take day trips with their chaperones/teachers 

Students from the French Speaking countries will also be given the opportunity to visit St. Maarten where they will be hosted by students and their families. Each student will stay with the family of the student who stayed with him/her. The French students will attend classes at the Schools here on St. Maarten and take day trips with their teacher/ chaperones also. 

Who is eligible to participate?
Preference is given to students who can host a student. Students must also be in good academic standing and not have discipline problems at school or in the community.
What are the host family's responsibilities?
*       Provide room and board for the student 
*       3 Meals a day
*       An individual bed 
*       Transportation to/from scholl and functions for students 
*       Familiarize the student with your home and family rules/expectations

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